This department is headed by our founder and managing director. He is described by others as a ferocious litigator.

We pride ourselves on handling a wide range of disputes with the goal of resolving your dispute quickly and more importantly, in the most cost-effective manner possible. We do not lose track and keep our focus on relevant matters which invariably results in significant cost saving.

We also have a dedicated team of experienced litigators and dispute resolution lawyers who are able to provide specialist advice on all aspects of your dispute whether your matter involves;

  • Financial services and/or investment dispute
  • Fraud
  • Construction dispute
  • Intellectual property dispute
  • Land dispute
  • a claim against a professionals such as IFAs, investment and pension advisors, surveyors, architects, solicitors and/or barristers (civil and commercial litigation/disputes)

We recognise that disputes, whether small or large, can be a stressful experience. With our personal, yet professional approach and depth of knowledge of civil and commercial litigation law, our team can assist you in resolving your dispute and if so possible, we will initially explore an amicable settlement through mediation and/or negotiation.

Mediation and/or negotiation can often be the resolution for ongoing disputes and this process is increasingly encouraged by the courts. It is a cost-effective route when compared with litigation. Unfortunately, not all disputes settle via mediation and you may need to attend court to resolve your issues. If this is the case, you can rest assured that all our clients benefit from professional dexterity.

Our expert team are ready to work with you to resolve your dispute swiftly and effectively.

If you need advice regarding a dispute, please click here to contact a member of our dedicated team today.

We are always only a telephone call away and our litigation specialists can help you with:

  • Civil & Commercial Litigation (Defence and Claim)
  • Directors & Shareholder's Dispute
  • Company dispute
  • Employment Dispute
  • Judgements
  • Judicial review
  • Property & Land Dispute
  • Pension & Investment Claim
  • Professional Negligence (against Solicitors and Barristers)
  • Probate Dispute
  • Partnership Dispute
  • Tax Litigation
  • Financial Services Law
  • Fraud
  • Family
  • Regulatory Law
  • Pension & Investment Law

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