Dispute resolution is at the heart of what we do. Commercial disputes can be complex and disruptive to your business. However, we don’t let this worry our clients as we place the best litigators on forefront of their dispute so to make sure that our clients are free to focus on their business whilst their dispute is being handled by us. We fiercely guard their interest.

We ensure that disputes do not turn unto a distraction for our clients - we help them to focus on the knob of the matter – by doing so we get to the bottom of their dispute as quickly as possible. Our experience shows that complex business ventures are a good breeding ground for dispute. It is therefore imperative that you consult with us at the earliest opportunity to avoid any dispute.

Why Us?

As we are a small firm, we mostly remain conflict free and able to act on large commercial disputes without having to worry about conflict of interest.

Our current commercial dispute cases range from claims in the sum of £6 million to circa £400 plus million. We are able to accept instructions on full range of disputes involving several areas of law. Our investigatory capabilities across civil and regulatory areas of law are amongst some of the best in our industry.

We act for all businesses whether they are owner-manager operations or multinational entities.

We work closely with you, manage any media issues (which arise in the course of litigation) and get to the bottom of your dispute as quickly as possible.

We have excellent relationship with the majority of the litigation funders and ATE providers to call upon to assist. We advise on group litigation claims and able to look for ways which allows our corporate clients to leverage claims as an asset if they see fit.

We often provide a bespoke solution for our clients’ dispute. We are known for our no-nonsense approach to litigation. We are often described as those that you want on your side, not against you.

We work across a range of sectors, including energy, construction, finance, telecommunications, shipping, real estate, shareholder disputes, commercial fraud, insolvency, regulatory disputes, intellectual property, patent and Trade Mark disputes, white collar crime, reputation protection and property Litigation.

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