Anti-competitive behaviour is something that the EU has a good grip on. Although Brexit will bring uncertainties, we are able to provide advise and assistance on the best way forward if you are facing any anti-competitive issues in your market place. Price fixing and golden handshakes to drive smaller businesses out of the market are happening as you are reading this.

If you are not able to secure a deal and you think that you have the correct credentials to be able to compete lawfully, you should contact us. We carry out a full range of investigative work and we utilise our litigation expertise to resolve your predicament. We can see through the creative steps taken by market leaders to conceal their price fixing and anti-competitive behaviour. You should never think that just because your competitor is a larger and more wealthy company that they can simply force your business out of the market. Substantial fines may be handed down; see for example, the European Commission vs Microsoft. However, for some companies a fine alone is not necessarily enough. There are serious legal ramifications for those who do not take compliance obligations seriously.

Why us?

Whether you are a victim of anti-competitive behaviour or you are facing a directors disqualification action in the UK, we are able to assist you in your predicament. We advise both claimants and defendants, individuals and institutions, on all aspects of competition law. As we are a small firm, we are often unlikely to be conflicted thus we are able to stand above the rest when it comes to both Civil and Criminal investigations in this area of law. Please feel free to Contact us for a conversation.

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