With our experience in intellectual property law we can deliver a complete range of services to help our clients create, protect and exploit their IP throughout its/their whole business life.

Alongside our expertise in trade mark, design portfolio management and brand management we provide strategic commercial advice to assist you in achieving your key business objectives.

Why Us?

We are able to help you to protect and grow your IP both nationally and internationally.

In case of an infringement, we work fast and tenaciously to stop any breaches; We can assist you with any issues involving your;
  • Brands,
  • Patents,
  • IP Disputes,
  • Anti-Counterfeiting,
  • Piracy,
  • International Franchising,
  • Brand Extension,
  • Commercial Contracts,
  • Data Theft and Art Law
If you need advice regarding any Intellectual Property or dispute then please click here to contact a member of our dedicated team today.

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