If you are a private equity firm, a fund manager and/or ultra-high net worth individual, you would benefit from our wealth of experience in this sector.

We stand above the rest and our competitors because of our unlikely conflict - our knowledge of this sector cut us above the rest. We combine our commercial awareness with our extensive litigation experience which we couple with our sound knowledge of the FCA’s expectations to provide a comprehensive service to all of our clients across this sector.

When it comes to risk management or you simply seek second legal opinion on a proposal, you benefit from having us on board. A successful deal is a deal that is based on a watertight agreement. Accordingly you will benefit form our involvement from the out set of your journey.

We have the technical knowledge which we combine with our commercial awareness and our confidence to drive your transaction to a successful conclusion. We will do the careful thinking required for all aspects of acquisition including an investment exit strategy.

You can count on Zakery Khub Solicitors:

Straight talking legal advice – no matter how complex your matter.
Your best interests are at the heart of everything we do and at the forefront of our minds.
With our in-depth knowledge we are able to foresee your needs & with that in mind, carry out the necessary work only.
We strive to constantly deliver exceptional standards of service with the aim of minimising the impact of any dispute on your personal or business life.

"We thrive on the knowledge that our clients are put at ease, with peace of mind that their matter will be dealt with competently and consistently by a dedicated member of our team."

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Omid Khub

Managing Director

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